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Hello once again fellow blog viewers! I have a link to a YouTube video about how autistic or people with ADHD walk on a city street, watch it then read on to hear my thoughts!



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July Brainteaser

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to do any brainteaser’s lately I’ve been tired. 😉 So this month’s brainteaser is going to be a hard one! I came across it today and I’ll give it to you! Of course if you don’t want to that then I’ll give you an easier one below. Here they are!

(Hard) 1. How many E’s are in 4th of July?

(Easier than the one above) 2. Only one color but not one size. Stuck at the bottom yet easily flies. Present in sun but not in rain. Doing no harm and feeling no pain. (AND DON’T LOOK UP ANSWERS!!!!!!!)

The second one may not be easier but still it’s one of my favorite’s. 😉

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Previously on News Style…

Dick: “Let’s punch his sucker up!”

Time Machine: BrrrrrrrrrrrrrZAP!

Connor: “Okay Dick that seems to be everything on the supply list, anything else?”

Dick: “Yes, I need a sheet of construction paper and crayons. I need more inspiration for my ‘Things Attacking Ray’ series.”

Connor: “Okayyyyy.”

Connor: “Two suns?… One growing? Uh-oh.”


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Hello once again fellow people and other animals! (Trust me I have met people who it is hard tell the differences from. 😉 ) Sorry I haven’t been blogging lately I’ve been busy, napping, watching TV, napping, playing video games, and napping –  almost forgot that, reading, napping which is very important, eating, napping, and let’s see… did I mention napping? (I’m very tall from all that napping like 5′ 6” or something like that.) So since I haven’t really been doing anything between my naps I will blog about things last month. (It’s May, right? Hard to tell with all my naps I figure it’s like May 7th or something.)


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Connor: “Hello New Style Fans! I’m sorry we haven’t got to any autism posts lately. But don’t worry we’ll hopefully get in some of those shortly. Right now we are testing out the world’s first time machine! With the first time traveler, Dick!”

Dick: “I’m gonna go see Rick!” (See https://ihaveautism.wordpress.com/2011/02/08/april-20th-1912-news-style-radio-show/#more-314)

Connor: “Sorry Dick we’re sending you farther back than that.”

Dick: “NOOOOO!!!”


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Connor: “Hello News Style Fans! I have got enough votes to bring News Style back! Plus we have recently uncovered an old News Style radio show recording about the Titanic! So now Please put your hands together for… Dick’s great-grandfather Rick! Oh and also Ray’s great-grandfather Bob.”

Dick (crying): “I’m…sniff…so happy!”

Ray: “Bob!? Rea…

Connor: “Here it is!”

Old Recording About The Titanic.


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Number of votes

Hey everybody I need at least 7 Yea’s! To have Dick and the rest of News Style to come back. Right now we have four.

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