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Here is my picture from the Autism Awareness Club it made the Utica College newspaper “The Tangerine” it was cool.

Read the newspaper “The Tangerine” and read about me!!!! Be careful the headline got messed up.



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Hello I’m back from the meeting at Utica College and it was awesome! I was invited to be a guest speaker.I Even my school principal and some of my teachers showed up it freaked me out! I even made a speech! I was the third speaker (there will be a video of it soon if it is not posted now.)

I talked to A.J. (the person who started the club) and there was even a boy Christopher my age who has asperger’s! There were people there (besides my teachers) who didn’t have Autism. I felt great a little nervous even and I learned that the creator of pokemon had asperger’s. I hope to be a speaker at the new Asperger’s club at my school.

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