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Winter Solstice is a time of year when the day is shortest and the night longest out of all the other days of the year.



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Dick: “Hi everybody and welcome back I’m Dickey Moe.  On today’s blog post we’ll be discussing a brief 19th century history of China. Personally I don’t  when the 19th century was, for all I know it could be 4269. But let’s say the 1800’s to be safe. But first Ray… something with the weather.

Ray: “Wel…”

Dick: “And that’s the weather with Ray… I still don’t know his last name. Okay, next up we have ace historian Connor Brennan to give us today’s history thingy.”

Connor: “Yo.”


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How We Got Hawaii

Here come the American gardeners, gardening, gardening, gardening.  Hawaii had fertile soil that was good for gardening and you couldn’t garden like that in America. Hawaii could grow fruit that we couldn’t normally grow because we were too far north.  So the gardeners were like “hey, let’s go to Hawaii so we can grow pineapples and stuff.”

There were so many gardeners and they kept getting more and more land by making deals with the Hawaiians. So then the gardeners gained too much power and the Hawaiians were like “no, no, no, you have to get off our land.”

And the gardeners said “no we won’t get off we’re calling the military over!”

So then the military came and the Hawaiian queen was like “oh, no, no, no. This isn’t good. I don’t want any blood shed on my land.” So then she just surrendered Hawaii over to America.

But of course, since America is so nice, they let them keep everything, but now they were part of America. This was in 1959, the same year we go Alaska. Hawaii was the last state to become part of the U.S.

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