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Connor: “Welcome everyone! Grab a seat; the festivities are about to begin! Here at News Style we sent out our crew to help spread Christmas joy! Let’s go see what there up too. Personally I’m afraid. … Dick? Do you read me? Come in Dick. What are you doing?”

Dick: “I’m cutting down Christmas Trees for people!”

Connor: “Really?! You’re actually doing something right? How’s that going?”

Dick: “Well at first the people wouldn’t let me in their homes. So then I had to break in to cut down their trees.”

Connor: “Dick you do realize that you go to Christmas tree farms and cut down trees there?”

Dick: “I thought about it at first but the trees there aren’t shiny.”

Connor: “Thought about it?”

Dick: “Yes.”

Connor: “Really.”

Dick: “No, in fact I didn’t even bother asking the people to let me in, I just crashed through the window and started cutting.”

Connor: “Should we skip ahead to the historical part of this special?”

Cameraman: “Hurry! Before it get’s worse!”



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Previously on News Style…

Dick: “Let’s punch his sucker up!”

Time Machine: BrrrrrrrrrrrrrZAP!

Connor: “Okay Dick that seems to be everything on the supply list, anything else?”

Dick: “Yes, I need a sheet of construction paper and crayons. I need more inspiration for my ‘Things Attacking Ray’ series.”

Connor: “Okayyyyy.”

Connor: “Two suns?… One growing? Uh-oh.”


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Connor: “Hello New Style Fans! I’m sorry we haven’t got to any autism posts lately. But don’t worry we’ll hopefully get in some of those shortly. Right now we are testing out the world’s first time machine! With the first time traveler, Dick!”

Dick: “I’m gonna go see Rick!” (See https://ihaveautism.wordpress.com/2011/02/08/april-20th-1912-news-style-radio-show/#more-314)

Connor: “Sorry Dick we’re sending you farther back than that.”

Dick: “NOOOOO!!!”


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