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This new video game I got at school is another hidden learning game (learning without knowing it) and I love it! Battling evil spider robots around every corner it’s fun for all gaming ages. Use math to bypass security codes and open doors while battling it out on Dimension M!

Last night I was at ski lessons and I ate mozzarella cheese sticks maha ha, ha, ha, maha, ha, ha ,ha, ha, ha, ha, breaded of course. The bread had gluten in it (or wheat) and we all know I’m on a wheat-free diet. Today at school I was supposed to do a math sheet and I couldn’t concentrate. So I didn’t get to play Dimension M instead I had to finish the work sheet luckily I get to upload the game on to my home computer.

Gluten makes me feel like……. pickle…… no wait don’t tell me…………… ¬†um, um, not good. It doesn’t let my brain work and do things like my homework. Like now I’m trying to write this post and I keep telling my mom funny things and she keeps on saying “Connor concentrate.” and I keep on saying “Your point?” So you get the point right? Oh look something good on T.V. by!


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Like I said a million times before I have Asperger’s but I will actually tell you more about it. It affects my life, like sometimes I flap and I can’t stop. I do it when I escape into my imagination. In like talking to myself and on, and on, and on I could talk about Asperger’s but I can’t. But what I will say is a wheat-free diet will help with Asperger’s.

I feel better it makes my thoughts clear and it really helps me concentrate! I’ve been on a wheat free diet for 5 months.

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