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A Sense Of Synergy

Hello again fellow blog viewers It’s me again. I bet you’re wondering about the post title yes? Well read on to find out more!



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Spring. A wonderful time of year. Yet sadly it has its ups and it has its downs.

The downs of Spring are no snowshoeing no sledding or skiing and whenever my dog Tater  rolls around she gets dirty instead of clean! The water is too cold for swimming. The road isn’t hard enough for biking yet. Spring is when I want to sit inside and play video games all day but my Mom & Dad start throwing me outside more! The warm and inviting hot chocolate is a bit too hot now. All the big tests in school are coming up again. Splinters from the deck. Spring cleaning. Spring, surprisingly is not one of my favorite seasons!

The ups of Spring. Swimming biking and all my other summer sports are just around the corner. Same thing with school ending! We can stop eating frozen things out of the freezer now because my Mom can finally start her garden again. We’re going to expand it this year to include more fresh vegetables like carrots, less broccoli, lettuce, peas and some other vegetables I like! It’s kind of hard writing all the vegetables I like I’m more of a fruits person if you know what I mean.

My birthday!! (I want Heartgold the newest pokemon video game) My Dad will teach me to mow the lawn on the lawnmower. I’ve been looking forward to that all winter! Water Safari! Where the fun never stops! Ward’s (ice cream store) opens up again! Visiting my uncle new aunt and cousins in Utah. Camping and snorkeling just around the corner. And the following fruits start to appear in between Spring and Fall not Winter surprisingly.

In order



Blackberries and Raspberries and last but not least

Apples and Pears from our trees. Yes we do have a pear tree!

And that seems to be about it! Oh p.s. I hate school, well I don’t hate it I just don’t love it.

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Pavlov’s Connor

Before we got a new T.V. I watched a little T.V. in my kitchen. From 6:00 to 6:30 a.m. this show Gormiti was on. Since it was the only thing on at the time that’s what I watched.  And since my Dad didn’t know I didn’t like cut up apples for breakfast, I had them every morning for breakfast, watching Gormiti.

And do you remember the experiment with Pavlov’s dog? when he rang the bell, the dog slobbered all over the place knowing he would get a treat? Well,  whenever something related to that Gormiti show like a commercial for the show comes on, I taste apples in my mouth.

And you know what the funny thing is? Just writing about this makes me taste apples! No I’m serious! No really! So…ummm…I will write again when I write again!

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This new video game I got at school is another hidden learning game (learning without knowing it) and I love it! Battling evil spider robots around every corner it’s fun for all gaming ages. Use math to bypass security codes and open doors while battling it out on Dimension M!

Last night I was at ski lessons and I ate mozzarella cheese sticks maha ha, ha, ha, maha, ha, ha ,ha, ha, ha, ha, breaded of course. The bread had gluten in it (or wheat) and we all know I’m on a wheat-free diet. Today at school I was supposed to do a math sheet and I couldn’t concentrate. So I didn’t get to play Dimension M instead I had to finish the work sheet luckily I get to upload the game on to my home computer.

Gluten makes me feel like……. pickle…… no wait don’t tell me……………  um, um, not good. It doesn’t let my brain work and do things like my homework. Like now I’m trying to write this post and I keep telling my mom funny things and she keeps on saying “Connor concentrate.” and I keep on saying “Your point?” So you get the point right? Oh look something good on T.V. by!

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