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Aloha blog readers! Once again I am writing on my blog. You may be wondering about the title right now. You may be asking yourself “What is¬†Quantum Physics!?” Maybe you open up a cheese store and give me free samples and coupons. ūüėČ Anyway¬†Quantum Physics is many things. But with it is it is possible to talk to you in different universes.



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Hey all you Pokémon fans out there! I have info on the newest games out there and all new starters! So be sure to check this post out!


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When I go to sleep I like to be asleep around 9:30 p.m. But recently I’m going to sleep around 10:42 p.m. or last night 2:30 A.M.!!!!! The reason is that I think that there are so many things rolling around my head and I might get a little hungry sometimes. (You see I’m not a big snacker and forget to eat breakfast a lot. So I’m only eating at like Lunch and Dinner.) I walk around my room and thrash all about in bed – walk up and down the hallway – and read. I am also thinking up theses great stories like… Well your just gonna have to keep on reading for that…..


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Earlier today (5 seconds ago to be exact) my mom asked me what classes does my brain wander the most in? I said “school”. Then she said how do I learn and I said I assign half my brain to a suicide mission to learn (luckily it always survives) ūüėČ . With the other half I think about stuff I want to do when I get home like play a new video game, sleep, hang out or ¬†think about pokemon.


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Spring. A wonderful time of year. Yet sadly it has its ups and it has its downs.

The downs of Spring are no snowshoeing no sledding or skiing and whenever my dog Tater ¬†rolls around she gets dirty instead of clean! The water is too cold for swimming. The road isn’t hard enough for biking yet. Spring is when I want to sit inside and play video games all day but my Mom & Dad start throwing me outside more!¬†The warm and inviting hot chocolate is a bit too hot now. All the big tests in school are coming up again. Splinters from the deck. Spring cleaning. Spring, surprisingly is not one of my favorite seasons!

The ups of Spring. Swimming biking and all my other summer sports are just around the corner. Same thing with school ending! We can stop eating frozen things out of the freezer now because my Mom can finally start her garden again. We’re going to expand it this year to include more fresh vegetables like carrots, less broccoli, lettuce, peas and some other vegetables I like! It’s kind of hard writing all the vegetables I like I’m more of a fruits person if you know what I mean.

My birthday!! (I want Heartgold the newest pokemon video game) My Dad will teach me to mow the lawn on the lawnmower. I’ve been looking forward to that all winter! Water Safari! Where the fun never stops! Ward’s (ice cream store) opens up again! Visiting my uncle new aunt and cousins in Utah. Camping and snorkeling just around the corner. And the following fruits start to appear in between Spring and Fall not Winter surprisingly.

In order



Blackberries and Raspberries and last but not least

Apples and Pears from our trees. Yes we do have a pear tree!

And that seems to be about it! Oh p.s. I hate school, well I don’t hate it I just don’t love it.

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I almost got killed last Thursday but enough of that. Let’s move on to a more important subject like for starters Jirachi. Jirachi is a pokemon on my game Pokemon Platinum. I got at Gamestop the person there did a funky thing to my DS and……. Boom! I got Jirachi. No really I did. If you don’t play pokemon (like my mom) you probably don’t care (also like my mom.) Here’s my Mom. “It’s true. I am bored to tears with Pokemon. I can’t help it.”

Hi, I’m back! It’s me Connor. Ok, Balor (my brother) also got Jirachi.

Now let’s get back to that not important subject. The part about me almost dying. My Dad made me and my brother a snowfort. It wasn’t an awesome multi level snowfort like it is now. It was just a round hole. So I decided to go to this outlook on my road, on the other side of our hill. To do that I have to go through the woods. So I grabbed my sled and headed off.

Unfortunately Balor was outside and decided to follow me. So just as I was setting up on the straight away and catching my breath I waited for Balor. And then when I saw him I picked my legs up put them in my sled and I was ready to go! But there was one teensy weensy problem. The sled wouldn’t go. So I kinda had to nudge it forward and it was going pretty slowly. And by then Balor had caught up and set me off track down the steep slope. Luckily I always go down the steep slope it’s fun! At the bottom me and Balor played for a little bit and then Balor started to climb back up and I followed him.

Suddenly I heard a bwsssssh and a big limb and all this snow fell down it was beautiful. And then I heard crraaaacccck! And then it happened again this time it wasn’t so beautiful! Because it was over me! Luckily I rolled out of the way to avoid being crushed but a pretty thick part of the tree limb still got me. And then I fell asleep not unconscious, asleep. I’ve been unconscious before and this wasn’t it. By then Balor had pushed the branch off and throwing snow in my face because I was mumbling. Why was I mumbling? I was having a great dream! Balor is always there when I’m having great dreams but he’s never there when I’m having nightmares.

So by then I was awake and we already hurrying to get out of there. But I had the wind knocked out of me and I was really hurt I was struggling to breathe. Then we got to the top of our hill and Balor was trying to sled me down, but the snow was too deep because we hadn’t gone sledding in a while. So I had to walk down and 1/2 way down I had to take a rest in the sled while Balor ran down to get my Mom and tell her what happened. Then I went home and laid down on the couch to watch T.V.

PS. My Jirachi knows the following moves: Rest, Draco Meteor, Snore, and Confusion and is currently at level 13.

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