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…found on the computer when I got home from work today – he just started this story, but I thought I would give a sneak preview:

True Reality

Dedicated to my family, pets, and my lack of things to do (Thanks a lot.)



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Dick: “Hi everybody and welcome back I’m Dickey Moe.  On today’s blog post we’ll be discussing a brief 19th century history of China. Personally I don’t  when the 19th century was, for all I know it could be 4269. But let’s say the 1800’s to be safe. But first Ray… something with the weather.

Ray: “Wel…”

Dick: “And that’s the weather with Ray… I still don’t know his last name. Okay, next up we have ace historian Connor Brennan to give us today’s history thingy.”

Connor: “Yo.”


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Why hello again fellow blog viewers. I have started to review my favorite books (well at least this once) so you know the books will get positive reviews. ((Spoiler Alert:) look for this in case of spoilers the spoiler ends with a ” so look for that.)


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As you all know it’s the end of February and that means the answer to the brainteaser and the second chapter of my book is here! The brainteaser is much more easier than the last brainteaser (sadly) but it even took me a moment to figure it out so I hope it’s fun.

And I hope you enjoy the second chapter!


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Adventures of a Lost Island

Hello everyone you know how I wanted to write a book? Here is the first chapter  will add a new chapter every month.

The title is: Adventures of a Lost Island: my life with Asperger’s

(my mom refused to cancel the title when I mentioned it jokingly.)


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