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Connor: “Welcome everyone! Grab a seat; the festivities are about to begin! Here at News Style we sent out our crew to help spread Christmas joy! Let’s go see what there up too. Personally I’m afraid. … Dick? Do you read me? Come in Dick. What are you doing?”

Dick: “I’m cutting down Christmas Trees for people!”

Connor: “Really?! You’re actually doing something right? How’s that going?”

Dick: “Well at first the people wouldn’t let me in their homes. So then I had to break in to cut down their trees.”

Connor: “Dick you do realize┬áthat you go to Christmas tree farms and cut down trees there?”

Dick: “I thought about it at first but the trees there aren’t shiny.”

Connor: “Thought about it?”

Dick: “Yes.”

Connor: “Really.”

Dick: “No, in fact I didn’t even bother asking the people to let me in, I just crashed through the window and started cutting.”

Connor: “Should we skip ahead to the historical┬ápart of this special?”

Cameraman: “Hurry! Before it get’s worse!”



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