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Two News Style Poems By Dick

Introduction from Connor: Dick is… well let’s see um… Dick. Not even the most brilliant scientists knows why he acts this way. He grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. He made his way up into the news world until he quit for some strange reason. Bought a landfill someplace. Put a building (wherever the building is it’s under a lot of waste) in the middle of it and founded News Style. He then never went back to the building and did broadcasts from a nearby TV station. And now he wanted to write some poems for a reason unknown to the rest of the world. Here are the poems! (They are acrostic poems.)

Poem 1


Intelligent. (I speak seven languages goodly.)


Koolest (See, see what I did there. By adding a K it makes it kooler.)



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One is serious and the other is just plain crazy! Can you tell the difference?

Science of Space (space, space, space….)

Building, building, building.

That’s what scientists did on top of each other.

One may start with a theory and try to prove it,


After he is dead another scientist will continue his process.

Like some scientists did trying to prove that the sun did not revolve around earth,

(a long time ago people thought we were so important!)

But really, the sun was the center.

This was called the Heliocentric Theory.

Thus proving that we weren’t the center of everything.


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